At Good Mourning, we believe an end-of-life celebration should honor the individuality of each life lived and bring people together. 

We want to make celebrations of life, memorials and living funerals easier to plan so you can focus on being present for your loved ones.

We take the pressure off by handling the logistics and detail work so you can focus on the guests and honoree. We assist with planning timelines, budget management, recommendations for venues and other vendors along with day-of support to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Whether that’s a backyard party with a DJ and dancefloor, or an intimate dinner followed by a tasting of your loved one’s favorite drink, we want to help make it happen and make it truly meaningful. 

Connect with us today to learn how we make living funerals, memorials and celebrations of life something to look forward to as you celebrate looking back.

More about Good Mourning

After a loved one dies or someone is preparing for the end of their life, people often default to what they feel “should be done” and not what they want or what would be most meaningful to them.

We strongly believe that there are no rules when it comes to celebrating a life. Everyone should be able to plan and host services that are reflective of their wishes.

With a collective 16 years of curating events, our team offers a multitude of perspectives and experiences. We start with understanding our clients and their touchstones to weave together events that are personal and unique to them.

We are proudly woman-founded and owned. We welcome all beliefs and identities with a focus on non-traditional, secular celebrations.

Everyone deserves a good mourning.