Meet the Team

Photo by Allie Kelley

Alanna — Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A journalist and designer turned event planner, Alanna loves the challenge of creative projects focused on user and attendee experience. Death was never far in her childhood as much of her family work in healthcare, including palliative and hospice care.

Alanna is excited to bring her experience to help people craft what they want for their last gathering and not what they feel they are “supposed to” have. She would love for her celebration of life to include letterpress memorial cards, junior mints at every seat and a prosecco toast.

Lydia — Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer

Living life to the absolute fullest, Lydia believes our lives are what we make of them. Understanding the importance for pre-death and post-death celebrations within our communities, Lydia is thrilled to create one-on-one client experiences, leveraging her skill sets in client relationship building, HR and project management. 

Lydia feels that grief and loss are shared universally, and the language of love runs deep. She would be present for a pre-death farewell party, gathered outdoors in nature with a picturesque sunset, her favorite time of day. Her evening would be followed by dessert and dancing, a sweet goodbye.

Helen — Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Always happy in a corner, a backseat, or really anywhere she won’t be noticed, Helen loves to be a person working the cogs behind the scenes. An Antipodean, she has often felt displaced when navigating grief from a continent away. During some deeply personal losses, Helen discovered that it is not the act of burying a loved one, it is the remembering through the details. It is these touchstones that Helen hopes to help identify for you and your loved one.

Helen’s celebration of life would include a celebratory picnic in the park with hampers stuffed with her favorite foods, a coffee cart and commemorative tartan picnic blankets (so she can be at every future picnic).